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After another amazing Israeli meal (breakfast with everything from chocolate croissants to pesto, fish, cheeses, omelets, 'American waffles' and more) we started our trek to Lod -- an ancient small city next door to Tel Aviv -- with a poem by the great, late Israeli poet laureate Yehuda Amichai.

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Our last stop of the afternoon, after walking an open air arts and crafts market in Tel Aviv easily the size of the Allentown Fair, was the location of the founding of the city.

In 1909, Tel Aviv was founded by 66 families who drew lots to receive their portion of what was then desert.

This dual-focus encounter with the state, the land, and the people of Israel, seen through the lens of our interfaith group from Buffalo, promises to be a rich and deeply rewarding experience.

His ultimate solution -- and he was serious -- to the problems between Israel and Palestine is to elect more women to political office -- "they would sit down and figure out how we could all live together" he said.