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Emmerdale fans were left astounded when Joanie Wright keeled over and died in a matter of seconds shortly after being released from prison.In shocking scenes aired during Monday's episode, the sweet factory worker suffered a fatal heart attack after discovering Lisa and Zak’s renewed romance and that Zak had hoped to end their marriage whilst she was in prison.

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Elsewhere, Dylan has some tough challenges to face too as he is diagnosed with OCD.

The news proved to be too much to take for Joanie, who had always suspected her husband loved Lisa more than her.

But despite that you still feel you belong together?

I don’t know what I ever saw in him, I truly don’t. #emmerdale', 'Did that just happen on #Emmerdale???

I’m sorry I stole him from you.'Lisa agreed, but then added: 'I didn’t steal him. He just wore down my defences.'However, she appeared to be regretting her decision as seconds before Joanie died Lisa muttered: 'I’m going to tell him it’s not working, we gave it a shot but can’t go backwards.'As she looked over, she then saw Joanie dead in the passenger seat, and the scene cut to Lisa explaining that Joanie had died on the way home.