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This place has an impressive selection of both hot and cold bentos, including a daily cold Kokoro Sushi Bento, Omega 3 Salmon Superior Bento, Heart and Soul Bento and Sashimi Bento, all retailing at between €7.65 - €9.85And their food looks pretty bloody good...

The only box on the list to go over a tenner (at €10.90, with miso included) Banyi offers it all and leaves nothing out, with their super elegant boxes, filled with delicate Japanese food.

Hello Kitty bento making is perfect for adults and children!

Character bento making is a fantastic way to explore your creative side by experimenting and decorating with a range of traditional Japanese as well as more accessible ingredients.

Sushi making will also be incorporated into your bento and you can expect to learn at least 2/3 different types.

And coming in at €8.50, these boast some of the best value around.I want to instill healthy eating habits in my kids while they're young so that they don't grow up shunning food that is good for them.So lately, I've been revisiting Japanese eating habits—the ones I learned when I was little from observing my Japanese family members. My 10-year-old self may have given it another chew, and maybe even liked it, if I had remained unaware of what it was.Because so much sweet time and effort goes into creating these delish heart attacks, this ridic dessert will only be available on Fridays and Saturdays between 2—4pm from 12 May at the Proof Is In The Pudding ‘Baker’s Bench’ in South Yarra. Millie hails from the island state of Tasmania where her obsession with delicious foods began.Put that date in your diary and start counting the sleeps because ‘The Baker’s Bento’ ain’t gonna last long. She enjoys writing, but more importantly can play table tennis with both hands and has never lost a game of Cluedo in her life.