Interviews with dating gurus series

I wanted to prove that I am not who she thought me to be and that I’m not what she thought me to be. Interviewing Carlos Xuma has been an honor, and so much fun! – Approaching women: the biggest mistakes men make when they want to approach a woman, and why it’s not about knowing what to say first but knowing what to say second. Hi it’s Carlos and I want you to join me today as I interview dating guru Derek Rake.

Here are some of the topics she wanted to ask me questions about: – The situation with Joseph Matthews (also known as Thundercat) and why I hate him and think he’s a liar – Why I am a controversial dating coach in the Netherlands – My thoughts on why mainstream media and “regular” dating coaches make fun of pick up artists and vice versa. In case you’re wondering who he is: Carlos Xuma was named in 2007’s Top 10 Dating Gurus and… Derek is the author of the INFAMOUS Rake Letters, the newsletter which I’m sure some of you have heard of, a LOT of useful articles and mastermind behind the very insightful Seducer’s Vault.

Any man who does so will learn to understand women far, far better than the vast majority of his peers. has since become a personal friend of mine, and I’m thrilled to have been selected to be part of his “Interviews With Dating Gurus” series back in 2007.

My personal recommendation is to read the book several times, and apply all of David D’s principles as “basics” in developing your own “natural” style.Over the years I’ve done many interviews with dating gurus like Carlos Xuma and Adam Lyons.You’ll gain access to all my dating guru interviews here.And when you do find her, how will you ATTRACT her and KEEP HER ATTRACTED?Even if you get her number, will she call you back?