Subclipse error validating location unable to load default svn client

The Subversive project is aimed to integrate the Subversion (SVN) version control system with the Eclipse platform.

Using the Subversive plug-in, you can work with projects stored in Subversion repositories directly from the Eclipse workbench in a way similar to work with other Eclipse version control providers, such as CVS and Git. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client](]( mpc_install=1139 "Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace.

I wanted to give Oxygen a try, but I will have to wait until the SVN plugin is available. Eclipse doesnot show svn connector discovery dialog box after subversive installation.

Also if tried to install manually it shows http error and internet connection problem please check your connection and try again. This problem occurs with every version of eclipse in my win-32 bit system.please find me a solution Hi Julien, The Neon version (4.0) distributes SVN 1.8 and 1.9 connectors only.

A quick Google search turned up this this thread where I found the issue was simply that Subclipse was now wanting SVN 1.5, not SVN 1.4 (the default in OSX). I'm not sure what I did wrong in my Subclipse install for it to require 1.5, maybe it was the mix of Eclipse 3.4 as well, but either way, this is the solution if you run into the same problem. I've twitted, ranted, etc, a lot lately about Eclipse.

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Q: Ok, but if I want to use Subclipse with svnserve using svn: over the Internet, I certainly have to configure Subversion to use port 80 or 443 I guess (other ports will be blocked by some firewalls on the other side). A: In general, firewalls block incomming request and not outcomming ones. Right click and choose New | Repository Location... Note that in Windows explorer, you won't be able to find the repository easily in Tortoise unless you change into the repo directory itself. Expand the repository, and the trunk, right-click and then add your base directory for your project (in my case c:\roger_big\ql14, which contained code, html files, access databases). |X| - - - or link a dos Admin-Icon on your desktop and give it those properties.After some debugging, I noticed that my custom gnome launch icon was specifying "-vmargs" on the command line itself, which was rendering the vmargs from useless.Fixed by removing vmargs from eclipse launch command. Good luck Ajay [...] I assume that you have the 'subversion' and 'libsvn-java' packages already installed (if not, please do install them, and then follow the instructions).To, a simple web browser ou webdav client or file browser (like nautilus or windows explorer) can be enough to work with svn.And it's usefull if you want to re-use security rules of your apache config.