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While those industries remain important, the state's economy is now driven by banking, computers, and health care.The earliest known settlers followed herds of large game to the region during the last glacial period.Early settlers used Saint Anthony Falls for powering sawmills in the area that became Minneapolis, while others settled downriver in the area that became Saint Paul. After the upheaval of the American Civil War and the Dakota War of 1862, the state's economy started to develop when natural resources were tapped for logging and farming.Minnesota gained legal existence as the Minnesota Territory in 1849, and became the 32nd U. Railroads attracted immigrants, established the farm economy, and brought goods to market. Anthony Falls spurred the growth of Minneapolis, and the innovative milling methods gave it the title of the "milling capital of the world".

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Fort Snelling, built to protect United States territorial interests, brought early settlers to the area. Minnesota achieved prominence through fur trading, logging, and farming, and later through railroads, and iron mining. state of Minnesota is shaped by its original Native American residents, European exploration and settlement, and the emergence of industries made possible by the state's natural resources.Normal language development in a child can include a period of disfluency.Children might repeat syllables or words once or twice.