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Once the "enfant terrible" of the Young British Artists in the 1980s, Tracey Emin is now a Royal Academician of the Royal Academy of Arts.

In 1997, her work Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995, a tent appliquéd with the names of everyone the artist had ever shared a bed with was shown at Charles Saatchi's Sensation exhibition held at the Royal Academy in London.

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Emin has pledged to turn her back on her notorious ability to party and focus instead on her work for at least the next three decades."I'm prioritising all shows: stuff I previously would have said I couldn't physically do; now I'll say yes," she said.Tracey Emin was born on July 3, 1963 in Croydon, South London, England, to parents of British Romani and Turkish Cypriot descent.Emin grew up in Margate, in the Thanet district of East Kent, England, along with twin brother Paul."I only want to go out one night a week and I want to try not to drink too much.I already wake up early, at about six in the morning, but I want to start working at that time, too.